Thursday, 14 April 2011

Let Them Have Cake - Baking in Brunei

I love blog-world.  Most of the people who read this blog are people who I know in 'real life' - it feeds to my Facebook profile, so my FB friends can see it, various family members in the UK read it, and several of my cooking-forum friends also pop in and say hello.  However, occasionally a 'stranger' happens upon my blog, and sometimes you get to chatting...

This has happened with my new blog-friend Ben.  Ben found this blog whilst looking for information on macarons (this post to be specific), and was surprised to find that I lived in Brunei - because he is Bruneian!  He's a teacher, like me, but to escape the stresses of his job (teaching secondary - I couldn't do it!) he bakes.  He plans to enroll in pastry school one day, but in the mean time he makes - and sells - the most amazing looking cakes, cookies and macarons.

I've been really impressed to read that he always uses the best and freshest ingredients.  These things don't come cheap, and so often it's all too obvious that commercial bakeries here just don't use good quality products.  That incredible-looking cake that you bite into to find bland over-aerated sponge, sickly-sweet shaving-foam-style icing, and nasty fake chocolate - sadly a common disappointment.

But Ben's cakes?  I think they're the 'real deal'!  For any of my friends here in Brunei who might be interested in ordering that special celebration cake, or just treating yourself to something hand-made and delicious, here is a link to what's available.  Ben's phone number is also on the blog so you could make contact via text to place an order.  I'd guess he'd need some notice - he's a teacher as well as a baker.

Ben's Products and Prices.

I wish Ben all the best with this.  Good cake is hard to find here, so it's great to find someone making and selling great quality baked goods.


spontaneous-euphoria said...

It's always wonderful finding other bloggers in your city! Both of you have lovely blogs!

Anna's kitchen table said...

Best of luck to Ben!

Ben said...

oh my, this is too kind of you. The next time I make some goodies, I'll definitely pass you some so you can sample them. if you'd like to add me on fb, my e-mail is
thanks guys!