Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Staying Wild

So what did we get out of our 30 Days Wild experience?  We are out doing something wild pretty much every day, but this project did make me think about introducing some new activities to our daily routine. We've been out collecting litter a couple of times since we did it in June, and now I often take my flower identification guide with me on walks so I'm gradually increasing my knowledge of wild flowers. I wish I'd thought of a few more arty things to do during June, but I'm planning more for the future - I'm thinking rubbings with crayons (leaves, bark, etc), and painting with found objects (leaves, sticks, grasses, etc). 

In the meantime we've been enjoying trips in the camper van and continuing to enjoy the beautiful wild area in which we live. 

Making tracks. 


Watching someone fly!

30 Days Wild - Day 30

As mentioned in the previous post, we are now the proud owners of a camper van!  We drove - rather later than planned - to a campsite near Lyme Regis for our first overnight in the van, so were able to hit the beach in good time the next morning.  

Landrover essential!

After a couple hours at Lyme Regis we decided to escape the sun and drive a little further along the coast. We stopped at West Bay, of Broadchurch fame. 

Then we drove a little more to a beach with a National Trust car park (we were struggling a little as we had the van and a car). 

We were rather hoping to find a fossil, but the cliffs were crumbly so we couldn't get close to them. It was a great beach though. 

30 Days Wild - Day 29

Today was an exciting one as we were able to collect our newly converted camper van. We drove down to Devon to do so...  Only to find that they'd omitted to fit something we'd requested, so we had a 4-hour wait while they did it. Thankfully we were able to drive to Teignmouth in the interim and enjoy a wild time on the beach. 

Footprints in the sand. 

Our collection of wild treasures from the beach. We made a 'T for Ted' from the razor clam shells!

30 Days Wild - Day 28

I can't believe I got so close to the end of blogging this wild month...  and then forgot to finish it!!!  However, I have trawled back through my photos and my memories to complete, finally, the record of our 30 Days Wild. 

Day 28: Our visiting family left today and Ted and I set out on our usual walk/bike ride around the village. Today's excitement was... Poo!  Lots of it. In the middle of the road. 

Ted: poo!!
Me: what do you think did that poo?
Ted: a dog!
Me: hmm, I think it might be too big for a dog poo...
Ted: it was a dog. 
Me: ok, let's have a closer look - what can you see in it?
Ted: (bending to examine it) hay!
Me: and what eats hay?
Ted: horses!

Bingo, horse poo identified!

(Note: a month later Ted still stops at piles of horse poo in the road and points out the hay within!) 

30 Days Wild - Day 27

It's the weekend of the Chalke Valley Histoey Festival so today was spent outside in the fresh air enjoying the festival set in the wonderful countryside in which we are so lucky to live. Here is a selection of photos: 

Saturday, 4 July 2015

30 Days Wild - Day 26

Much of today was spent preparing for our visitors arriving this evening (we decided to cook a fairly elaborate Thai meal) but we managed to take some time to pick and eat some wild strawberries for breakfast - delicious!

30 Days Wild - Day 25

Today was spent mainly in the garden. We were looking after a friend's little girl for most of the afternoon and particularly enjoyed bouncing on their trampoline - crazy hair compulsory! 

Their garden backs onto the river so we peered over the fence to watch the passing ducks and swans.