Wednesday, 29 July 2015

30 Days Wild - Day 28

I can't believe I got so close to the end of blogging this wild month...  and then forgot to finish it!!!  However, I have trawled back through my photos and my memories to complete, finally, the record of our 30 Days Wild. 

Day 28: Our visiting family left today and Ted and I set out on our usual walk/bike ride around the village. Today's excitement was... Poo!  Lots of it. In the middle of the road. 

Ted: poo!!
Me: what do you think did that poo?
Ted: a dog!
Me: hmm, I think it might be too big for a dog poo...
Ted: it was a dog. 
Me: ok, let's have a closer look - what can you see in it?
Ted: (bending to examine it) hay!
Me: and what eats hay?
Ted: horses!

Bingo, horse poo identified!

(Note: a month later Ted still stops at piles of horse poo in the road and points out the hay within!) 

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