Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Things I've Loved Recently

I haven't blogged much recently, or even cooked.  And what I have cooked has been simple.  Good, warming, comfortable winter food, but not usually photogenic, or anything that's made me race to find my camera.

However, looking through some recent photos I have seen some lovely things which I wanted to share:

In an Antiques shop in Berkhamsted, I found this gorgeous Cake Knife.  I never knew such a utensil existed, but this claims to 'make cake cutting a pleasure'!  I didn't buy it, but sneaked a photo and it makes me smile whenever I look at it.

I don't know why I picked up my camera last week when I was heading to a course in Oxford, but I was glad I had it with me when I was driving home past Thame.  I pulled off the road into a lay-by just to take some shots of this glorious late-afternoon sun, reflected in the flooded meadow.  It looks so idyllic you would never guess that there's a busy dual-carriageway roaring past.  I drove past again a few days later and the floods have gone, so I'm pleased I captured this scene when I did.

We went to St Albans again recently.  We find ourselves going to the 11.15 Eucharist in the Cathedral at least once a month.  We always enjoy a wander around the town too, especially before the service - many shops have yet to open, and the streets are quiet; it's a lovely time.  I had never noticed this door in the clock tower before...  what a great message for us all!