Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Staying Wild

So what did we get out of our 30 Days Wild experience?  We are out doing something wild pretty much every day, but this project did make me think about introducing some new activities to our daily routine. We've been out collecting litter a couple of times since we did it in June, and now I often take my flower identification guide with me on walks so I'm gradually increasing my knowledge of wild flowers. I wish I'd thought of a few more arty things to do during June, but I'm planning more for the future - I'm thinking rubbings with crayons (leaves, bark, etc), and painting with found objects (leaves, sticks, grasses, etc). 

In the meantime we've been enjoying trips in the camper van and continuing to enjoy the beautiful wild area in which we live. 

Making tracks. 


Watching someone fly!

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Snowy said...

I really enjoyed reading about your wild days. Ted learnt such a lot about Nature. Thank you for posting about it.
Love the colour of your camper van and hope you all have many happy hours visiting places. xx