Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A New Look - and Books

I've got a bit bored of my blue blog so have been playing with the blogger template-designer.  Ideally I'd like something a bit jungly to reflect my current surroundings, but they didn't have anything like that so I've gone for the books option.

We're both keen readers and here in Brunei we have the luxury of being able to indulge in plenty of reading...  yes, we spend a time every weekend reading by one of the swimming pools that we frequent, but there's also nothing to watch on TV!

We brought a dozen or so novels with us in our air-freight, assuming that our shipping from the UK (containing about 250 novels...) would arrive within weeks of us...  Well, we've been here for nearly 8 weeks now, and we've just heard that our container has just left England.  It's due to be here at the end of October, God willing, insha'Allah, fingers crossed, etc, etc!

Until then we're managing fine with our reading matter, between the Loan Service Community Centre Library, the Yacht Club library and borrowing books from friends.

 In the last few weeks here are some of the books I've been enjoying:

Eat Pray Love - Inspiring, warm, witty, moving.  Can't wait to see the film.  And visit Bali!

A Homemade Life - Inspiring, warm,witty, moving...  and with recipes!  One of my favourite bloggers, one of my favourite books.

Her Fearful Symmetry - Inevitably didn't quite live up to the Time Traveller's Wife, but still a gripping read.  I loved the Highgate Cemetary setting.

Join Me - Irritated me slightly when I first started it, but sucked me in with its infectious enthusiasm and then heart-warming result.  I cried as I read the final pages.  What a sap - but I think I too will become a 'joinee'!

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