Friday, 5 June 2015

30 Days Wild - Day 5

I have found that we often end up doing more wild activities that I had planned when we head out.  However, today I purposely decided on two activities that I had been saving up on my mental 30 Days Wild list.  We'll be out all day tomorrow - 2 parties to go to! - so I don't know how 'wild' we will be, so I thought we'd tick off two activities today in case we don't manage any tomorrow.

We did our usual village wander, but today had rather more of a focus than usual...  Last weekend in a White Stuff shop I picked up their Kids Activity Booklet.  Much of it is for slightly older children than Ted, but my eye was caught by this lovely colour-wheel page.  We took the booklet out along with a roll of sellotape and had great fun trying to find natural items to match each colour.  Here is a before and after shot - I think we did pretty well!

It's a bit hard to see the detail, but we found leaves and grass for green; buttercups and leaves for yellow; a petal and a tiny leaf for orange (this was the trickiest one, we had to take a petal from a wallflower in someone's garden!); honeysuckle, rose petal and herb Robert for the pinks; and speedwell and forget-me-not for blue.  Ted did all the picking while I did the sticking.

Our concurrent activity was picking up litter.  We are fortunate enough to live in a village where people don't seem to drop much rubbish.  I think most of it is accidental - I've seen lots blowing around on the days the binmen come for example, as odds and ends can blow away while the bins, especially the paper-recycling, are being emptied.  Ted has a fabulous 'robot grabber' hand that we love, although he does find it a bit tricky to operate, so we took that, but also my kitchen tongs which he just adores 'nip nipping' things/people with!  He was very enthusiastic about this task, and we did half-fill a carrier bag by the end of our walk.  We sorted the resulting litter into rubbish and recycling and popped it into the correct bins.

I was quite proud of our efforts here; it felt very socially responsible as well as being good fun! 

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Snowy said...

Love the colour wheel idea, and Ted seems to be enjoyable his litter picking.