Tuesday, 2 June 2015

30 Days Wild - Day 2, Flowers

Addendum to Day 1 - as we were eating supper, a fox nonchalently walked  through the field behind our garden; we had never seen one here before.  It seems as though even the local wildlife know that 30 Days Wild has begun!

But back to today...  After a morning of rain and gales, the sun finally appeared at about 4pm.  We had been in town in the morning and bought a tub of 'Grow your own Edible Flowers' (nasturtiums) at 50% off in Tesco.  For 1.75 we thought we couldn't really go wrong.  Even if they don't grow we've still got a nice tub out of it.  So Ted and I set to planting them.  He was very enthusiastic about the task...  but I soon realised that it was mostly because he saw the compost as an excellent opportunity to play with his diggers! 

I managed to divert his attention long enough to plant the seeds, so fingers crossed they survive and thrive.

After supper we headed out into the village for a walk.  This was mainly so I could post a couple of letters, but I thought we could take the opportunity for another 'wild' activity so I brought along my wild flowers guide. 

As I mentioned yesterday I know quite a few flower names, but would like to learn a few more.  Within 50m of home we had found and identified 2 that were new to me:

This is comfrey.  It can be white, pink or purple (we saw all 3 on the walk).

This is Herb Bennet.  I had never even noticed this flower before!  I like how this challenge makes me look more closely at nature.

Later on we found Ox-Eye Daisies in the book too.  I already knew what they were, but we have been checking daily on a bank covered with them, and are enjoying watching them bloom every day.

While we were here Ted took the opportunity for a small snack - a little sorrel leaf!!  I was intending to save the 'eat something wild' challenge for another day, but I showed him that you could eat sorrel leaves a couple of weeks ago, and now every time we walk past this lone sorrel plant he takes one and gobbles it up.  There can't be many leaves left on it now!

Home through an increasingly wild field.  It must be quite tricky to cycle along when you're this small, but it doesn't seem to phase him!


Snowy said...

I love finding new wild flowers .Was very happy found a big patch of wild garlic recently. It's great that Ted is learning to appreciate nature. What a lovely boy he is, Kate. You and Rob must be so proud of him.

Norm said...

Ah thank you Eira for your lovely comments! He is a sweetie (usually) and we really enjoy him. Great news about the wild garlic, we love it too! xx