Friday, 19 June 2015

30 Days Wild - Day 19

We headed out intending to have another paddle in the river today, but got diverted when we met some friends and went for a cuppa with them instead! 

However, we did manage to make a lovely nature bracelet on our walk.  I rightly predicted that T wouldn't tolerate sellotape being wrapped around his wrist, so I did it on mine instead.  He loved collecting things to stick on it, and it provided a nice opportunity to look closely in the hedgerows and around our feet as we walked. 

I thought the result was actually very attractive! 

Luckily the tiny caterpillar that we found whilst picking a flower managed to escape being stuck onto the sellotape as well! 

Lots of fledging birds at the moment which is exciting to see.  This morning on the way back from playgroup we saw a crow that had clearly just left the nest.  He wasn't terribly good at flying as yet so was hopping along rather erratically, not helped by the fact that he was being followed by an enthusiastic 3 year old!  The crow's mother was flying above, squawking at him, so I removed the small child and let the baby crow hop into a flowerbed under the cover of lots of plants.   This afternoon we spotted some baby partridge hopping around on a footpath.  They disappeared quickly into the undergrowth, but it was lovely to see them.

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Snowy said...

Very pretty bracelet. How lucky you are to see fledgling birds - I wish we still lived in the country. Ted's learning such a lot about Nature. x