Sunday, 30 January 2011


The pomelo is large - nay, huge - citrus fruit that grows in South-East Asia. We saw them growing when we were in the Mekong Valley in Vietnam, vast football-sized fruit with pale segments that look rather like grapefruit.  Apparently - geeky fruit-fact of the day - the grapefruit is actually a result of a pomelo-orange cross.  Who knew?!

I've always loved to try new fruits (although after the Durian episode perhaps I should be a little more careful..?!) but I have to admit that the first time I tried Pomelo I was a little disappointed.  It's difficult to peel and has a thick white pith, and once you get to the segments  they're strangely dry and uninspiring.

However, in the 6 months that I've now lived in Asia I have become a total convert.  There's the amazing Thai Salad that I ate in Bangkok of course, but I've also developed a taste for them unadulterated by anything other than a very simple condiment...

I don't tackle them whole, but have discovered them ready peeled and segmented in some of the local supermarkets, and the tray of segments comes complete with a little bag of chili sugar!

That's right, dried chilis mixed with regular sugar.  It's nothing short of a revelation to me.  You just dip the pomelo slice into the sugar and it creates the most amazing taste sensation - sweet of course, but with a gentle kick of chili heat following on.

My new favourite snack!


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Sounds delish!


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nice idea..thanks for sharing....