Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Back from Thailand

We got back to Brunei last Friday - but as it was back to work on Monday, of course our holiday is fast becoming a distant memory!  Isn't that always the way.

However, we did have an amazing time.  Spending time in 2 very different places was perfect - we enjoyed a few days of the busyness and bustle of Bangkok (oh so different to sleepy Brunei!) but then had the contrast of total relaxation on a beach on Koh Samet. 

We spent Christmas itself on the beach - a lovely idea... although we were a little surprised that we both felt rather odd about it.  My Australian and New Zealander colleagues disagree of course, but Christmas in the heat just feels wrong!  It's clearly just how we're conditioned - 33 Christmases spent in England plus 1 in Canada means that in my mind the festive season should be about getting cosy inside when it's chilly outside. 

This didn't mean that we didn't enjoy it - it was an incredibly beautiful place - but we did both visibly relax once we got to Boxing Day and the mental pressure to feel 'Christmassy' was over!

After 5 nights on Koh Samet we headed back to Bangkok for a further 3 nights.  Our hotel for this final part of the trip was great,  right on the back of the river so we could escape the nightmarish city traffic and hop on the water taxis to get around.  We did the tourist sights - the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, etc - as well as a bit more shopping (mainly Birkenstocks and fairy-lights!).

And of course - and there will be a LOT more to come on this topic - we ate lots of lovely Thai food!  We've always eaten quite a lot of Thai dishes, but are now inspired to cook them much more.  We live in Asia so sourcing the ingredients isn't too much of a problem, and we're determined to make the most of it.

Happy New Year to you all!

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A little hello from me!
Nice blog! Keep up the good job!

We went to Koh Samet last year, and loved it!!! Must go back...