Monday, 1 November 2010

Mee Goreng (or Man in Kitchen)

I'm really lucky to be married to someone who enjoys cooking.  He doesn't just enjoy it, he's really good at it too!  He even taught me how to make the perfect Sunday roast - when we're back in the UK it's something we cook together every weekend.

Since we've been in Brunei we've done an almost-equal amount of cooking with us both having 'our' dishes that we usually make.  Last week Rob got it into his head that he wanted to cook Mee Goreng, or fried noodles.

In the UK Rob is a creature of habit when it comes to his lunches - cheese and chutney sandwiches pretty much every day!  Here the meal has changed, but the consistency hasn't - pretty much every day he goes to the staff canteen and orders a portion of fried noodles.

This dish isn't hard to make, and in fact is an infinitely variable recipe as you can just throw in any meat or veg that you have to hand.  It did involve lots of chopping though, which I deigned to help with!

Sugar-snap peas and oyster mushrooms (grown locally and really cheap here)...

Local spring onions (much skinnier than the ones we're used to in the UK)...

Onions and chilli - not the fearsomely hot Thai birdseye ones this time, but a larger, slightly milder variety.

A packet of fresh noodles from the supermarket, plus a couple of eggs and various slugs of different sauces (light soy, oyster sauce and rice wine).

A healthy and delicious meal...


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Jacqueline said...

I want a man in MY kitchen!! The only time my husband makes an appearance in my kitchen is when I announce that it is dinner time! The fried noodles look delicious and I can't wait to hear about your trip to Vietnam!