Tuesday, 2 November 2010

26 Things - A Photographic Scavenger Hunt

I love taking photos and have sometimes pondered embarking on one of those great 'photo du jour' projects, where you post a photo for every day of the year.  But I've then thought that I probably wouldn't have the sticking power for that... it's why I don't write a diary; I like writing, but feeling like you have to do it?  Well that's no fun at all.

So when I saw this challenge on Fi's blog it immediately appealed to me.  She in turn had found it on this photography blog... I hope neither of them mind me jumping in on the act too!

Basically the challenge is to take a photo during the month of November to illustrate each of the following words:

1. Tall
2. Amazing
3. Round
4. Hidden
5. Green
6. An animal
7. Dirty
8. Early
9. Weather
10. An arrow
11. Curve
12. Tomorrow
13. Inside
14. A ceiling
15. Watch out
16. Key
17. Reflection
18. Track
19. Framed
20. Busy
21. Strange
22. Upside down
23. Spots
24. Shoes
25. Weathered
26. Sunday morning

My mind's already whirring.  I'll post my results at the beginning of December. I wonder how many of them will involve food...?

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