Monday, 22 November 2010

Flat Stanley's Adventures in Brunei - Part 2

As I mentioned in my previous post, Flat Stanley accompanied me into school last week.  I had an inkling that he might be paying us a visit sometime this term, so I had got the book out of the school library in anticipation.  I told the class that we had a very special visitor, but I wanted to read them a story first... when we got to the part about Stanley being put into an envelope the penny dropped and they all guessed who was here in Brunei.

They were excited really - but some of them have very serious 'photo faces' which they put on the moment I get my camera out!  I've noticed this phenomenon before with children, but some of this lot are particularly funny.

They soon got into the swing of things though, suggesting where Flat Stanley should be photographed in order to show Polly in England what our school is like:

Eating our snacks (at 9.40am...  we're hungry by then as teaching starts at 7.25!)

In the Hall at playtime.

Playing Snakes and Ladders!

Skipping (he's in her hand!)

In the sandpit.

By the swimming pool.

Ready for our swimming lesson.

By the recycling bins - we're going for the Green Flag Award, which Polly's school has already got.

Going to our Music lesson.

Joining the other KS2 classes for Friday Assembly (with me trying to ignore the funny looks I was getting from my colleagues!)

And finally, in the classroom with me (slightly blurry photo - it's very amusing watching a 7-year-old struggle with a big SLR camera!  But he did really well.)

The class were nearly as amused by Flat Stanley's monkey-related injury as I was!  They were very taken with the idea of me writing to Polly with all these photos, and some of them decided - with no prompting from me - to make little information posters about our school to put in with the letter.  How sweet!

The funniest thing was this morning though - we had a new girl join the class.  She's come from England, and I overheard one of the girls asking her "Do you know Polly?" 

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