Sunday, 1 April 2012

Flat Stanley visits Australia

So Stanley and I have just returned from our holiday (Rob came too!).  We spent nearly 2 weeks touring round south-eastern Australia in a little camper-van, and had a fantastic time.

Here's some snaps of Stanley on the trip...

We spent the first day in Melbourne with the lovely Sarah who showed us around.  Here's Stanley and me on the beach at St Kilda.

I'm sure Stanley would have loved the rollercoasters at Luna Park in St Kilda, but I'm far too much of a wuss for that!

We got a great view of Melbourne from atop the Shrine of Remembrance.

Leaving Melbourne, we drove West along the Great Ocean Road.  Here's Stanley posing in front of the Twelve Apostles.  What you can't see is the 300 baffled Japanese tourists standing behind me wondering what on earth I'm doing...!

The furthest point of our drive was Sydney, and Stanley certainly enjoyed seeing the sights here!

He narrowly missed a dip in the harbour itself actually, as it was pretty breezy on the ferry to Manly.  Sorry Stanley, I wouldn't have been diving in to save you!

A final farewell to our trusty van at the end of the trip.  Stanley had a great time, and was very relieved that despite the excess of exciting wildlife in Australia (we saw koalas, kangaroos and emus, to name but 3), there were no hungry monkeys around to torment him!

I can't wait to see where my class's Stanleys have headed off to this holiday...


Sarah said...

Cuuute! Hehe, it almost looks like Luna Park is trying to bite Stanley's hand! :)

Lovely to meet you both, and so glad you had a good time in Australia!

xox Sarah

snowy said...

Glad you, Stanley and Rob had a great time. x