Friday, 21 October 2011

Chocolate Potato Chips

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a newly opened shop here in Brunei, Royce' Chocolates.  (No, I have no idea what that apostophe is for either...).  Of course I had to pop and and have a browse and was so amused by the following product that I took a photo on my phone and immediately uploaded it to Facebook:

I pondered whether this was a good idea or not and received many many comments on the photo, veering from 'Try them, they look interesting' to 'Yeuk, they sound horrible' and just 'no no no'!

Well, amongst the Facebook comments was one from Maya who told me that she had several boxes of these from Hari Raya so would bring me one to try!  We were meeting that week for a sushi lunch, and sure enough, Maya very kindly brought along a box of milk chocolate ones for me (they also come in white chocolate and caramel flavours!).

We opened them almost as soon as I got home with them...  and they really are crisps/potato chips (depending on where you come from!) covered in chocolate!

And the verdict?  This was the plate about 30 seconds later:

Despite the bizarreness of the concept, they were actually extremely nice, and fiendishly addictive!  I'm a great fan of the combination of sweet and salty (salted caramel?  Yes please!) and these contained a hint of salty tang which married beautifully with the milk chocolate (which, by the way, was delicious - yes, I know, Asian chocolate that tastes nice?  It does exist!).  I'll be honest, the potato-ness of them is just a little odd, potato isn't usually found in sweet products, but we managed to get over that pretty quickly.

I think I may just have to purchase some of these at some point...  after all, there are 2 other flavours to try!


Tina said...

salt with chocolate is a marriage made in Heaven.we do sea salt pralines at work, and sea salt & butterscotch bars! they are divine..
still not sure of the concept of a crisp covered in chocklit though!

BenQ said...

Hi Kate

Do you remember Nestle Flipz - Pretzels covered in Chocolate - I think I was the only person (certainly in Herefordshire) who bought these - they were fantastic... but...dropped (like Cadbury's Spira booooooooooooo)[1].jpg

Norm said...

Tina, I'm seriously going to have to do a mailorder from Lick the Spoon... slurp!

Ben - YES! Now you mention them, I DO remember Flipz. I might just have been the only other person in Herefordshire who purchased them... they did them in milk and white chocolate I seem to recall.

And Spira were my favourites too.

I guess I'll have to stick to Royce potatochips for now.

Foodiva said...

Kate, as much as I like a sweet-salty combo, I just think that that Royce creation is bizarre. What I find even more bizarre is the fact that you guys liked it! LOL. See you tomorrow for the veg-picking. No chocolate covered crops, sorry ;-).

Anonymous said...

You did it!!! LOL, I am laughing right now after reading this lovely post. Love you and your writing! Claudia

snowy said...

A weird combination, but I love salted caramels so would maybe like them! You'll have to try the others now and tell us what they're like!

Norm said...

I certainly will be trying them Eira!!

CLAUDIA!!! So lovely to see you - hope you're well, long time no see. Pop onto the forum and say hi. xx