Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Update from Chiang Mai

Well, it's certainly been a trip of contrasts so far... Lots of great bits, but a but of a disaster too as I currently find myself lying in bed in my hotel room after a particularly grim bout of illness. I now understand why people tell you not to buy street-food in Asia... But I've always done so, and never suffered before, so just bad luck I think.

And those Chiang Mai sausages were just SO delicious!

So, aside from the last 24 hours - a waste in so many ways, and so utterly miserable I even considered coming home early - it's been a good trip. My Thai cookery course was excellent and I'm really looking forward to trying out some of my new-found recipes when I get back. I was the only person on the course, so got 1 to 1 tuition! Lots of details and photos to follow.

I also went to see the Giant Pandas at Chiang Mai Zoo this morning. I saw them when I visited in 2005 - there were 2 then, but now there are 3. Thanks to a rather overly-informative display board I now know more than anyone should ever know about panda sex! (Or rather, lack of it - Lin Ping was conceived through artificial insemination, fully documented photographically for all to see!) But what gorgeous creatures they are.

I arrived as they were eating breakfast and stood for ages, watching them enjoying their bamboo. I was very jealous as I wasn't able to enjoy any food at that point - all too risky!

I'm writing this on my iPhone so please excuse any errors, and the lack of pictures - I can't seem to get them to upload from the phone.

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Foodiva said...

Sorry to hear about your upset stomach, hope you had some lomotils or charcoal pills on hand. As for uploading photos, just upload 'Instagram' from the App Store so we can all share your travel adventures...umm, pretty much instantly from your iPhone!