Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Brunei Breakfast

Our love of roti is well-documented, but we have discovered that we can easily eat it at home too...  using packets of frozen roti!  These come uncooked, sandwiched between layers of plastic which you just peel off, and throw the roti into a hot frying pan (no oil needed).

Pretty soon it begins to puff up and crisp slightly, turning mottled brown as it does so. 

We've eaten these for supper, with curry and dhal, but this weekend we thought we'd have a breakfast treat...

Roti with sliced local bananas, and a generous drizzle of condensed milk.

Naughty, but ever so nice.


Anonymous said...

Great idea Kate, never thought of them sweet so will be trying with banana and condensmilk, I love condensmilk so any excuse to use it. I love my roti with curry potatoes and peas.

MrsW said...

Hm - I've seen those packets at SupaSave but never dared to try. Another adventure I guess, thanks to you!
Mmm, looks yum!

Anna's kitchen table said...

Ooh, yum!