Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Wild Food (once again)

Some unexpected hedgerow treats from the last few days...

Wild raspberries, masses of plants growing near Ivinghoe Beacon, the fruit tiny but bursting with sweetness. We didn't bother to take these home, just picked them and popped them straight into our mouths. I suppose we should have washed them, but any stray insects were just considered extra protein.

Growing very locally - spotted by Rob on his way home from work this afternoon - some kind of plum! We have seen a few of these trees growing in the hedgerows recently. Confusingly they have plum-coloured leaves, so it's hard to spot the fruit. However there's plenty to be found on close inspection.

We managed to collect a whole punnet during 10 minutes of picking earlier today. The fruit is firm but juicy, sweet but with a lip-puckering tartness too. I'm not sure I will cook with these, I think we'll just eat them as they are. I mean, there's only so much jam a girl can make...

If anyone knows what these are, then I would be very interested to know. And obviously do let me know if they're poisonous... preferably before we eat them all!

And some tantalising glimpses of what is to be foraged next season:


And hazelnuts.

Not to mention the apples, crab-apples, sloes, haws, rosehips and elderberries that I have my eye on, all growing within 5 minutes' walk of the house. I'd never wish away the Summer, but I can't help but look forward to the Autumn just a little bit!