Friday, 26 June 2009

Further Foraging...

I couldn't believe it... cherries, growing wild on trees a mere 2 minutes walk from home! So yesterday I carried a garden chair down to the canal, set it up in the middle of the towpath underneath a groaning bough of cherries and got picking. Much to the amusement of the passing joggers and dog-walkers, and the annoyance of a grey squirrel sitting on the aforementioned bough and filling his cheeks with the cherries.

Within about 20 minutes I had gathered this punnet full - about a kilogram of fruit - and I could have carried on but was in danger of over-stretching and falling off my garden chair into the canal. Which come to think of it would probably have provided much more amusement to the joggers and dog-walkers, and a certain amount of alarm to the ducks.

So bearing in mind the well-known proverb that Greed comes before a Fall I stopped and carried my punnet of cherries proudly home.

Only to think now what on earth do I do with these?!!

Obviously photographing them was a good start!

But today, one cherry-pitter purchased, and recipes researched, another batch of jam is on the way...