Saturday, 27 October 2007

Now accepting commissions...

Well, my pumpkins have certainly caused a stir on 'The Loop'... I arrived home from work on Thursday to find a bag on the doorstep, containing a pumpkin, a plastic cleaver and a bottle of fake blood, with a note from our neighbour Jayne asking if I could make a gory pumpkin for her! (Just to clarify, she had asked me about this earlier in the week, and I had happily agreed).
This morning was grey and rainy so I set about creating another 'extreme pumpkin'... As I needed to embed the cleaver into the top of the pumpkin, this time I cut the hole into the base. I thought that putting a candle inside might cause the cleaver to melt and give off noxious burning-plastic fumes (an excellent way to get rid of the trick-or-treaters!), however, Jayne assures me that she will use battery-powered tea-lights instead.

Apart from my nervousness at creating a pumpkin for someone else, this proved a nice easy design. I really enjoyed letting the blood drip down it too; although will they ever get the stains off their doorstep?!

Is it me, or is this scene a little incongruous...? The pumpkin in agony, sitting next to my marvellously retro Crockpot, in which a hearty supper is bubbling away?!

Anyway, Jayne was very pleased with the finished result. Here she is, with her husband Kevin... (Sorry J&K, I had to do it!!)