Sunday, 30 August 2015

The Apple Diaries 2015 - Apple Flapjack Crumble

Another appley pudding this week, using a recipe that has (sort of) already appeared on this blog, although in a slightly different guise.  I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of fruit crumble as a pudding.  I don't dislike it of course (who could?!) but it's not something I'd necessarily choose.

This version of 'crumble' however would be top of my list of fruit-based puddings - Flapjack crumble!  I have made this many many times now using various fruit, but never I realised with just apples.  I was going to lunch with a friend and said I'd bring pudding so thought I'd give the apple version a try.

I gently stewed the chunks of apple with a tablespoon of sugar (use more or less according to taste/amount of apples) until just beginning to soften, then put them into a dish ready for their topping.  I couldn't tell you how many I used, just keep peeling and chopping until it looks right to you.

I then preheated the oven to 180°C/350°F/Gas Mark 4.

Here's how you make the flapjack:

150g (5½oz) butter
175g (6oz) demerara sugar
100g (3½oz) porridge oats
125g (4½oz) self-raising flour
2 tbsp golden syrup
5 tbsp double cream

In a bowl, mix together the oats, sugar and flour. Melt the butter in a saucepan. Now add the golden syrup and cream and mix well. Tip onto the oat mixture and stir together. (Note:  I had no cream in the house so didn't add any, but you could pop a little milk in if you thought it needed more liquid).  Spoon on top of the fruit, level out in a thin even layer about 1cm (½in) thick – try not to make it any thicker, or it may not cook through. Put in the oven and bake for 40–45 minutes, or until set and golden brown.   The recipe says 'spoon' onto the fruit, but I find it easier to use my hands - take pieces of the mixture and flatten them between your palms, then place them onto the fruit.  You can 'jigsaw' them together to cover the apples pretty easily.

Leave to stand for 10 minutes before eating so the top can set a little (this also prevents you from burning your tongue). Cream or vanilla ice cream are the obvious partners in crime.

I only thought to take a photo when there was this tiny amount left, but you can see the knobbly flapjack topping, slightly chewy underneath but crunchy on top.  Delicious.

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Snowy said...

This sounds just like my kind of pudd. I love finding new apple recipes, so thank you. Sadly we left 2 Bramley trees in our French garden, and haven't any room here for even one.