Friday, 27 August 2010

Noodles for Supper

As I mentioned in my previous post, most of our evening meals here in Brunei consist of rice or noodles.  This is one of our favourites - and ridiculously quick and easy... and cheap too!

In the UK these packets of noodles are only a step up from the naffness of Pot Noodles...  but here they LOVE them!  Every supermarket has an entire aisle devoted to noodles in general, about half of which will be these pre-packed ones.

This is a brand we particularly like.  A pack of 5 packets costs $1.40.

We can't read the instructions, but the pictures are helpful!

What seems to make these particularly nice are the 5 sachets that come in the pack, to be stirred into the cooked drained noodles:

Seasoned oil, chili sauce and thick syrupy soy sauce...

Plus crispy fried onions and seasoning (probably full of monosodium glutamate, but very tasty!)

Just a bowl of these noodles with no accompaniments is a satisfying lunch or light supper, but last night we topped them with a fried egg, and served them with some garlicky, gingery beans and baby corn, and it was a really delicious meal.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate!

Joe and I ate loads of noodles when we were in Okinawa, a mandatory part of the Asia experience!


Melanie xoxo

Thinking About Food said...

These noodles are in our supermarket here and are my son's favourite!
Nice to catch up on your blog again Kate, I forget to look here as I see all your lovely pics on Facebook!

Ruthdigs said...

One of the asian food stores here in Exeter sells these and I love them too. They're about 35/45p a pack from memory I think. Probably full of cack as you say but who cares - YUM!!
Glad to see you're settling in ok over there, I'm liking the sound of some of the food but not sure about the sweetcorn milkshake...bleargh!
Take care rx