Monday, 15 March 2010

What's in Your Handbag?

I'm considering myself 'tagged' by both Sandy and Lisa who have recently revealed the contents of their handbags to us.  OK, so they call them their 'purses' but for us here in the UK a purse is what you keep your money in (what my trans-Atlantic friends would call a 'wallet'...  although for us in the UK a wallet is what men keep their money in.  Confused yet?).

OK, so here's mine:

I was quite amazed at just how much stuff I lug around every day...  Here are the contents, in brief:

- My diary.  It's a school-issue one which runs from August to August, covering the whole school-year 2009-2010.  We all have identical ones so I always feel the need to customise mine in some way.  This year it's with stickers from The Very Hungry Caterpillar, bought in the Eric Carle Museum of Children's Art in Massachusetts.

- My glasses.  I pretty much only wear them for driving so perhaps should just keep them in the car.  However, I am beginning to need them rather more often so have decided they should live in my handbag instead.

- Keys (many...).  The car key is on the Mr Tickle keyring.  The house and school keys are on the monkey keyring.  I like having easy-to-locate large keyrings.  It saves too much rummaging.

- Purse.  Lovely leather purse from Roots in Canada.  It is quite stuffed full...  but not with cash, mainly receipts, which I'm never sure what to do with.

- Chequebook.   Not sure why I carry this, I use it so rarely nowadays.

- Flip Video Camera.  I've been using this a lot at school recently to film the children when they're doing Drama.  They love to watch themselves 'on TV' afterwards.

- Hairbrush.  Mason Pearson - stupidly expensive, but worth every penny.  This one has been detangling my hair for about 12 years now and is still going strong.

- Pens and pencils.  Hey, I'm a teacher.

- Memory stick.  On great Japanese 'Mameshiba' keyrings that my brother Ben sent from Japan.  My class love them, especially the one that speaks Japanese when you press the button!  I often need the memory stick in school when the computer network fails me...

- Tissues.  I have a cold right now.

- Lip balm.  Never without it.  I have some very cool Vanilla Pepsi lipbalm sent to me by Sarah in Canada.  I also have some lipgloss - I never wear lipstick, so this is as glam as I get!

- Mini deodorant.  For a quick freshen-up after teaching PE!

- Hairband.  For windy days.  Or those weeks when headlice are rampant within the class...

- Moisturising Lotion.  For cold, dry-hands days.  It's Crabtree and Evelyn Jojoba Oil lotion, one of my favourite scents ever.

- Tweezers.  For those eyebrow emergencies!

- Chocolate!  I have forgotten this was here.  I think it was given to me by a child who was handing out birthday treats.  Always worth having about one's person I feel.

The bag itself is a Fossil bag that I bought on the QM2 in the Summer of 2008.  I think it's a pleasing shape, and just the right size.  Though it could do with some leather polish to smarten it up now after nearly 2 years of use.

So, consider yourself tagged too!  I'm obviously quite nosy as this fascinates me.


julie said...

Aha the MP brush!

It's a good insight into a woman's life, this bag scanning. When I have cleared the junk from mine I ma show it too!

Pea said...

I really don't want to look in my handbag just now, but I know it will have slightly different things in it...

Lisa Roberts said...

Mr. Tickle!!!! Love!
Very cool contents! I'm especially impressed w/the Flip & the lip balm.