Monday, 30 March 2009

Spring Happiness

After what has been the most gruelling week of my teaching career I am appreciating anew the joys of Spring! Ofsted is over (and we are pronounced 'good with outstanding features'!!), I survived - and even almost enjoyed - a residential trip with 29 children, and now there is only a week of term left before the 2 week Easter Break.

Here is what made me happy yesterday...

A long walk in the countryside on a crisp sunny day. I loved this road lined with ancient trees and golden daffodils.

Blossom on the trees and contented animals in the fields.

Our first attempt at vegetable gardening is off to a good start.

Relaxing in front of a real fire with a nice glass of red wine and a new cookery book - a fascinating mix of memoirs and recipes, stunningly presented in collage-style.

A husband who cooked the entire roast-beef dinner last night, including what were perhaps the best roast potatoes in the whole world! (The Yorkshire Pudding was incredible too!)

Jugs of flowers from the garden. I think the daffodils look wonderful in the blue jug, and the grape hyacinths (which are carpeting our front flowerbeds) are such a beautiful colour.

I hope you are all feeling the joys of Spring as well!