Monday, 5 May 2008

My first 'Tag'

The lovely Sandy has tagged me... being relatively new to the blogging world, I was not really sure what this meant until recently, but I like the concept - it's nice to get to know one's fellow bloggers, and fun to have a challenge. My tag is to describe myself in 6 words... just try it, it's not easy! I asked Rob for some help, but he seemed to sense that it was a loaded question and refused to give me any words.

So, here are mine:

1) happy (a slightly bland word, but settled on after considering content, optimistic, cheerful, positive, relaxed...)

2) independent

3) creative

4) thoughtful

5) humorous (I like to laugh, Rob likes to laugh at me)

Clearly the final one should be 'egotistical'... why do we feel so embarrassed about giving ourselves compliments?! Still, I'll go with a neutral one (but true, 99% of the time):

6) hungry

That was harder than it might seem. It's interesting to describe yourself and then compare it to how others would describe you. For example, I know that many of my forum friends would think I am very 'adventurous', due to our many adventures here in Canada. However, I don't really see myself that way at all - I think I'm pretty UNadventurous in many ways... I'd never partake in any 'extreme' sports (I would rather chew off my own arm than do a bungee jump) and am naturally a real homebody, much preferring to be chilling out at home than being out and about. Still, we have adapted to our circumstances and really made ourselves make the most of our time here, and I'm very pleased that we have done so.

Now, my big problem is that I have no idea who has already been tagged for this task... I have checked several people's blogs and seen that they have already done it. If you are a blogger reading this, please consider yourself tagged by me! If you are not a blogger, have a go at it anyway, in the privacy of your own home, and see what you come up with. Good luck!

Edit - Just noticed that Julie has not done it yet! Please feel free, anyone else...